Income Support Appeals – 0843 487 1817

Income Support AppealsIncome Support application forms can be downloaded via and returned to your local JobCentre Plus – if you would prefer to apply via telephone, please call the Income Support contact number.

Claiming for your partner

If your partner is eligible and hasn’t already made an Income Support claim, you can make an application for yourself and your partner – it will be necessary to provide income details for you both, in addition to information about your living situation.

Once your claim is complete the DWP need to be kept up-to-date with any changes in your circumstances such as, any increase in hours worked or fluctuations in savings – you can inform of such changes quickly and easily with one phone call.

Making an Income Support Appeal

Sometimes decisions are made which aren’t always agreeable with claimants – if you are unhappy with your Income Support decision you can appeal by:

Income Support AppealsStep 1. Ask that the DWP explain their decision, this can be done via phone or in writing – it is acceptable to request for your details to be reconsidered.

Step 2. If dissatisfied, you can ask for ‘mandatory reconsideration’ – this is a fresh assessment of your situation.

Step 3. Despite a mandatory reconsideration there may be a need for further investigation, which in some cases can be carried out by the, ‘Social Security and Child Support Tribunal’ – however, this is an independent body and they are unable accept all requests.

Appeals need to be conducted within one month of receiving your Income Support decision – late applications (up to 13 months after the decision) are sometimes accepted in certain circumstances such as bereavement or illness. Please don’t hesitate to ask for further details regarding the appeals process, or for an online guide visit