Income Support Claims – 0843 487 1817

Income Support ClaimsIncome Support is a form of financial assistance for people between 16 and the Pension Credit qualifying age, who have savings under £16,000, receive no income or a low income, work less than 16 hours a week, and do not sign on as a job seeker. The amount of Income Support is composed of a basic payment and premiums – the amount that can be claimed depends on individual circumstances, such as whether the claimant has a partner, children or a disability. Income Support claims can be made over the phone by calling the relevant Income Support Claims number.

Claiming for Income Support

Customers can call the Income Support Claims Number to find out if they qualify for Income Support, and to apply for the benefit. Customers living with a partner can make Income Support applications jointly with their partner. When calling the Income Support applications number customers need to give details about their income, their partner’s income, if relevant, and information about their living arrangements, including any other people living in the same address.

Reporting changes in circumstances

Income support applications number can also be called to report any changes in circumstances that may affect the Income Support applications, for example, moving to a new address, changes in the amount of income or savings, or changed living arrangements, such as new people moving into the same household.

Appealing against a decision

Income Support applications number can also be contacted if customers who have made Income Support claims are unhappy with the decision, and wish to appeal against it. Customers who disagree with the decision about their Income Support applications need to state why they are unhappy when they make the phone call. They may then ask for the decision to be reviewed. They may also request a ‘written statement of reasons’ if the explanation provided on the Income Support Claims number is not satisfactory. Customers may be required to provide further evidence to support their Income Support Claims in such circumstances.