Income Support FAQ

Income Support FAQIncome support is a welfare benefit for people who have no income or low incomes and are working less than 16 hours per week. It is also available to people who have not signed up for unemployment benefits. Some FAQs answered by the Income Support number include:

How much money will I get if I qualify for income support?

The amount of money claimants receive for income support is dependent upon individual circumstances, but where applicants qualify for income support and have no earned income at all the amount will be no less than £56.80 per week (as at May 2014).

Who is entitled to income support?

Anybody between the age of 16 and pension credit qualification age can claim income support as long as they meet the qualifying criteria. To qualify for income support claimants need to be pregnant women, single parents with a child under the age of five, carers and people who are unable to work due to sickness or disability. Claimants should also be on no or low income and working less than 16 hours per week and should also be resident in England, Scotland or Wales. 

How do people claim income support?

Claims for income support should be made by phone or post to the local Jobcentre Plus.
Claimants can contact Jobcentre Plus on their freephone number for more information. When making claims by telephone it will be necessary to provide income details for the claimant and any partner living in the home, together with details of the address and people living in the home. 

How is income support worked out?

All qualifying claimants receive a basic premium (personal allowance) with extra payments on top of this which depend upon circumstances. The increased payments are dependent upon the age of claimants, whether claimants are single, lone parents or in relationships and also relate to possible disabilities, pension entitlements and carer responsibilities. 

How are payments made?

Income support payments are made every fortnight and paid into valid bank accounts.

Do savings affect entitlement to income support?

Any savings over £5,999 will affect entitlement to income support and savings above £16,000 rule out the possibility of any entitlement to income support.

Claimants with children that qualify for income support are also able to claim Child Tax Credits from HM Revenue and Customs via a separate application process.