Income Support Rates

Income Support RatesIncome support is a UK welfare benefit that may be claimed by people in England, Scotland and Wales who are on low or no income. Rates of income support do vary, depending on circumstances and the following rates were in force from May 2014 – more up to date information can be found by calling the Income Support helpline:

  • Single person, aged 16 to 24 £57.35
  • Single person, aged 25 and over £72.40
  • Lone parent, aged to 17 £57.35
  • Lone parent, aged 18 or above £72.40
  • Couples under age 18 £56.80
  • Couples, one under 18, the other over age 25 £71.70
  • Couples, both age over 18 £112.55

People who qualify for income support may also receive additional premiums and these depend on circumstances. The premiums payable range from £15.55 up to £122.20 and are on top of the payments listed above. Additional premiums would depend on whether the claimant was disabled, caring for somebody with a disability, of pension age or was a lone parent.

Additional Income Support Claim Information

Payments of income support are made into UK bank accounts and are generally paid fortnightly. It may take a few weeks for income support claims to be assessed, however when claimants are granted the benefit this will be backdated. Income support entitlement does depend on whether the claimant has any savings and applicants with more than £16,000 in savings will not qualify for this benefit at all. 

Claiming Income Support

People that qualify for income support need to make a claim at their local JobCentre Plus by telephone or post and will need to provide details of all household income, valid address details and information on all people living within the home. Where income support is paid for children, the claimant will also be entitled to claim Child Tax Credits but this claim will need to be made separately with Inland Revenue.